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From the Editor

What diffence will a polite conservative make at City Hall?

            Now that the new mayor and city council are starting into their democratic mandate, we are seeing what a Rob Ford agenda with a polite leader looks like. Conservative John Tory will likely go ahead with such Ford favorites as privatising the rest of garbage collection in the city.

Just why there is such fascination with privatising this crucial publc service has never been clear to me. Most of the studies of privatization of public services show that privatisation results in diminshed service and higher costs.

Companies rush to make their low-ball bids and the municipality lays off or re-deploys its staff. Now that the workers are gone and and their low-wage replacements take over, the new private service is in a much better position to bid higher in the next go-round.

Meanwhile, there is greater staff turnover and, with time, a reduction in service. I for one do not welcome the prospect of losing the services of our current waste disposal people. They do a difficult job very well.

It will be a lesson to be learned as we watch the politics of austerity imposed by a polite conservative politician. What will the daily life of Toronto be like without the drama of Rob Ford to lead the news instead of the conservative agenda?