beach advocate
Kew Beach Junior Public School Skating party


Celebrate Our First Year as a Community Paper
President's Annual Message
Beauty Notes
Operation Beautiful seeks to give ordinary women pride in the beauty they possess
Cuts Unhealed
WSIB cuts made by Hudak’s mentor keep on punishing injured workers


Long Term Energy Plan a Missed Opportunity
LTEP full of short-term thinking
challenging carbon culture
Challenging Carbon-Culture
Grassroots organizations lead the way


To Dream and Discover
The sunset can reveal the silence of one’s own mind
lego robot
Extra-curriculars Keep Students Involved
Whether the activity appeals to the scientific or to the artistic, passionate involvement is the result

Finanace and Economics

Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea
By Mark Blyth, Oxford University Press, 2013.

Opinion Optics

Should you vote strategically?
Swing ridings spawn calls for strategic voting
The Canadian Dream That Never Was
We like to think of ourselves as the good guys... reality is somewhat different.