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lego robot created by SATEC robotics team

School Day

Extra-curriculars Keep Students Involved

Whether the activity appeals to the scientific or to the artistic, passionate involvement is the result

By Grace Jin, Grade 10 Student, SATEC

            Although going to school is very important to gain vital skills and knowledge, what makes a school experience memorable is the extra-curricular activities you participate in. At SATEC we have many clubs, ranging from robotics to gender equality. There is a club for every single interest the students of SATEC have. In November, our school’s very own robotics team participated in the Engineering Robotics Competitions, Robocross UOIT, where it designed and created a robot out of Lego, racing 39 other schools in the process. Our team managed to place in the top four.
           Muneeb Javed, a member of the robotics team, really enjoyed the experience of the Lego robotics competition: “It was very inspiring and interesting to see uniquely engineered robots. Every team was busy perfecting their program and showed a huge interest in the technological teams.” For Muneeb and many others, robotics is the perfect club. “Playing with Legos as a kid was fun; adding a robotics component to it takes it to another level. I joined robotics to gain more experience on how an engineered robot works with the software to create the perfect racing robot.”
           In December, other clubs were busy as well; Girl Impact hosted a musical café where teachers and students could showcase talents such as singing or juggling. The Student Council invited Santa Claus to come to our school during holiday week to take pictures with students.
           Every single year, the Student Council hosts a semi-formal in the last week before the winter break. This year, 300 students enjoyed a wonderful night with a lovely dinner and energetic dance at the Winter in Vegas-themed event. Coming up in February (after exams) is the much-anticipated Multicultural Show, when students get to perform their talents for the whole school, incorporating some cultural diversity within their acts.
           Instead of dreading going to school, students have activities to keep them busy and engaged. This allows them to make new connections with people they may not have otherwise met. It also allows us to improve the school and create a sense of school pride and spirit. Having so many events and extracurricular activities at SATEC is what makes me enjoy going to school every day.