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Kew Beach as a Zero Carbon Community School

Reserve Earth Day, April 22, 7 pm to 8:30 pm at Kew Beach Junior Public School

By Robert Spencer, President, Advocate Publications and public school parent

            We welcome your participation at the second annual Earth Day evening event on April 22, 2014, from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at Kew Beach Junior Public school.
           Your views on our school site redevelopment focusing on the multi-age possibilities for a small community school like ours will form an important part of our planning. I will introduce a panel that includes several parents and representatives from the Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association’s sustainability subcommittee. We hope to create a movement for change as a result of the panel discussion.
           As an active parent at my daughter’s school, I have compared notes with other parents who have older relatives. Some of these parents expressed their desire to keep their relatives close by. We concluded that a cooperative elderly care facility could help us to care for their special needs while maintaining their proximity to other family members.
           Often, our school neighbourhoods have emptying schools and what better way to use those school sites than partial conversion to elderly day care, day nursery care and nursing care. New energy-efficient facilities could help strengthen the mix of old and young and encourage new parents to move into the community as well as share operating costs.
           I think a carefully designed and retrofitted school could reduce our old buildings’ carbon footprint and provide a clear message that public school sites make great multi-use community centres. Rather than sell school sites for condos and townhouses, we should be designing a fiscally prudent way to use the space for such a public good.
           I hope you will accept this invitation and come to interact with our community on Earth Day.