Bluffs Advocate

President’s Annual Message

Celebrate Our First Year as a Community Paper

            In this edition, we celebrate the beginning of our community paper’s second year.
           In January 2013, a small group of us, mostly retired educators, teachers, and some students founded this non-profit community paper—The Bluffs Advocate-Scarborough.
           We wanted to present alternative views on environmental issues, educational improvements, and health and community development. We hoped to help create a movement for progressive change.
           If you look back at our first year’s issues (www., you will see that we have achieved some of our goals.
           We hope to do even better this year.
           We will write about the protection of our water supply from contamination, better ways to use community school sites, cooperative elderly care, transit that meets the needs of all of us, reducing our carbon footprint, ways to fight poverty, actions to create and secure good jobs, and other fiscally prudent ways to improve the health of our community.
           Become an Advocate writer and join the fight for a strong community, a better city and an ecologically resilient planet.
           Join us.

Robert Spencer, President