Bluffs Advocate
April 2013
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The Cost of Fixing Gridlock
Public opinion meets transit financing

Reduce, Reuse, Reupholster
Is reupholstering your furniture worth it?

From the Editor

Who Am I?
The Politics of Labeling and Identity, guest editorial by Tom Grinnell


Windpower and Nuclear Power Compete for Our Energy Future
Perspective needed in the off-shore wind turbine debate

Reducing Energy Waste is a Win-Win
The planet wins because we use fewer resources and produce less pollution, including greenhouse gases that are rapidly destabilizing our climate. You win because getting energy fit can save you money while making your home more comfortable

Small Business

Do as I Say, Not as I Do
Dos and don’ts for the first year in your own business


Cuts Hurt Toronto’s Poorest Children
It is time for the board to start allocating all of the Learning Opportunities Grants to its intended use

Seek a Playground Sense of Justice
Secord Elementary School is left out of the big budget picture

Follow Your Personal Dream
Literature and the arts claim importance for student success

High School
Extracurriculars make a big difference to students


pho dai nam restaurant scarborough
Pho Dai Nam Offers Excellent Vietnamese and Thai Food
462 Birchmount Road, northwest corner of Birchmount and Danforth Roads


Give It Your All
Some readers ask me what I do to stay fit - my primary goal is to stay fit, be active, build bone density, and most importantly, enjoy my workouts
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