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Give it Your All

Desire mixed with need was his winning combination

By Lynn Daigneault

           Some readers ask me what I do to stay fit. Walking is a big part of my daily routine. I take stairs whenever I can. When I’m not with clients, I work out at a health club at least three times a week because I find the energy of others both motivating and energizing. My preferred workout consists of body conditioning and strength training using dumbbells and machines. But my primary goal is to stay fit, be active, build bone density, and most importantly, enjoy my workouts.
           Part of the energy of working out at a health club is watching others and seeing them working hard to achieve their goals. I am in awe, in particular, of those who are not in good shape, who come to the club and give it their all as they work to attain a meaningful level of fitness.
           A few weeks ago, while working out, I was watching a club member using a weighted machine. He was with Assisted byhis personal trainer, hewas putting in a tremendous amount of effort. He had intent and he had focus. When he finished his routine, I commented to him, “That was fantastic! Good for you!” His trainer turned to me and said, “He has lost over 200 pounds.” Both of them wore enormous smiles. After I congratulated the client, the trainer took out a cell phone and showed me the client’s before and after pictures. Although he still had a way to go, this man was now less than half of his former self, weighing in around 200 pounds, instead of  the more than 400  at which he had begun his workout regimen.
           What are the main factors contributing to his weight loss? Exercise, nutrition and portion control. He works with his trainer twice a week, works out on his own several times a week, and he submits a daily food log to his trainer to keep himself focused on what and how much he is eating. The first thing to go, he told me, were the daily 2-3 litre bottles of soda. Then the fatty foods and the fast foods. He now ‘eats clean’.

So what motivated him to bring about this tremendous change?
           His need to take charge of his health.
           His desire to take ownership of his future.
           A personal trainer who believed in him.
           A determination to live a full life.

           Why am I telling you this story? Because losing over 200 lbs. can seem like an insurmountable goal. But with determination, effort and commitment, it is absolutely achievable. If he could do this, take control of his level of health and fitness and make this kind of change, couldn’t we all, literally or figuratively, put on our shoes and start walking towards improved health?

Live Life, Be Fit, Feel Strong.

Lynn Daigneault is a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Older Adult Specialist, specializing in fitness for the active over 50 adult. She can be reached at