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Pho Dai Nam Offers Excellent Vietnamese and Thai food

462 Birchmount Road, northwest corner of Birchmount and Danforth Roads

By Neil Walker

           The positive Internet reviews did not prepare me for the taste revelation I found at Pho Dai Nam. This southwest Scarborough tradition features reasonable prices and very good Vietnamese and Thai food.
           When I went to lunch there, my lunch mates, regulars here, ordered chicken and shrimp pad thai and Vietnamese noodle soup. I settled for my favorite – chicken pad thai. All three of us ordered our meals to receive additional spiciness. In a rare occurrence, all dishes contained the desired level of spicy heat.
           The pad thai dishes featured real tamarind sauce as well as generous portions of chicken and shrimp. The steady supply of green tea brought the owner, Anh Mai to our table several times. She typifies the friendly service that distinguishes this eatery.
           The dining room is large and open. When you arrive, you will take a moment to settle on the spot you prefer. Once we settled near the window, Anh arrived with the tea, taking our orders after all three of us had arrived.
           Why are the Internet reviews so positive about Pho Dai Nam? Simple – a clean restaurant with a large menu, modest prices, good food, and friendly service. Nothing else is needed for a great lunch or dinner.