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Natalie Spooner, Dan Harris, Mitzi Hunter, Corneliu Chisu, Canada, Scarborough
From left to right: MP Corneliu Chisu, Natalie Spooner, MPP Mitzie Hunter, and MP Dan Harris.

Homegrown Hero

Scarborough Welcomes Natalie Spooner Home

Tenacity, grit, and determination

By Caitlyn Langille

            On Saturday, April 5, Scarborough celebrated the homecoming of one of its best and brightest stars, Olympic hockey gold medallist, Natalie Spooner. Beginning with a slide show of Natalie’s journey to the gold, and finishing off with a family free skate, this event was a heartfelt welcome from the Scarborough community.
            Dan Harris, MP for Scarborough Southwest, Corneliu Chisu, MP for Pickering-Scarborough East, and Mitzie Hunter, MPP for Scarborough-Guildwood were in attendance to congratulate Spooner and present her with certificates of distinction from various levels of Canadian government.
            The 41 and 43 divisions of the Toronto Police Service and the Community Police Liaison Committee were also in attendance to extend their warmest congratulations. (These divisions are involved in a skate donation program which was accepting used skates for at-risk youth. The program is organized in part with Playing for Keeps, an initiative to develop healthier more active communities through play.)
            Being a member of the women’s team for Canada’s favourite sport is a daunting challenge but Natalie and her teammates rose to it and conquered. As Dan Harris put it, these amazing young women displayed their “tenacity, grit, and determination in staging one of the greatest comebacks in Olympic history.”
            And what a comeback it was, from their rocky start when they had to replace their coach just before flying to Sochi, all the way through the tough competition to the nail-biting moments in the final against the USA. Natalie’s two goals in the semifinals were instrumental in this accomplishment. For that and everything else she brought to us, Scarborough thanks Natalie Spooner.