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I am very glad that the nervous grade eight version of me chose to attend SATEC

By Grace Jin, SAC vice-president, SATEC @ WA Porter CI

            Like most high schools, SATEC @ WA Porter C.I. hosts a grade eight information night at which students in grade eight from all across the city can learn more about what different secondary institutions can offer them. At SATEC, we hold general information sessions and host quick tours of the school, during which we highlight the curriculum and other aspects of the school's student life that are exclusive to SATEC.

I had the privilege of emceeing the general information sessions. It was a very humbling experience, looking out into the audience and knowing that a mere three years ago, I was sitting in one of the auditorium seats listening to the presenter.

I am very glad that the nervous grade eight version of me chose to attend SATEC. I can't imagine myself anywhere else. What is said in the presentation about the school is absolutely true in my opinion. Not only is the curriculum rich and extensive, but the other student life aspects have made my secondary education memorable.

We have over 60 clubs. This means that no matter your particular area of interest, there will be a corresponding club for you to join. I was interested in making a difference within my school and I was grateful that I was elected into a club that allowed me to do just that.

If I had not joined the Student Administrative Council, school life wouldn't have opened up as many opportunities that I have been grateful to have. It wouldn't have led to my having the honour of holding the position of SATEC's vice-president. I genuinely hope that the grade eights sitting in the audience this year see what SATEC can offer them and choose to attend our school in the fall.