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Healthy Holidays coming up

Get some exercise and celebrate reasonably to prepare for 2014

By Lynn Daigneault

            With the holiday season coming up soon, seasonal celebrations begin and food is an integral part of gatherings, whether at the office or with friends and family. You have done so well this fall, exercising more, walking, raking leaves, preparing the summer garden for winter, eating more healthy foods and feeling good. How do you now manage the holiday season and stay healthy through the new year?
        Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water daily. Prior to attending a holiday gathering drink a full glass of water. Keep sipping water throughout the event. Add lemon and lime slices to your water. Have water and lemon in a wine glass.
        Alcohol can pack on the pounds, so be judicious in what you choose to drink. Keep eating healthy foods. Before leaving for a party, eat something healthy and filling. In that way, you will not be tempted to eat the high-fat, high-calorie offerings. Choose foods carefully. Most parties will have veggie trays and assorted fruit. Have a small handful of nuts. Munch on carrot sticks. It is possible to have a good time and still watch what you eat.
        Do try to get as much exercise as possible. With all the demands of the holiday season, exercise not only helps with weight management but it is a great stress reducer, producing endorphins and feelings of well-being. Exercise will also help you with sleep.
        Finally—with snow on the horizon, take care when shovelling the white stuff. It can be very heavy. The twisting and lifting can be very hard on the back, arms, and shoulders. Exercising now, strengthening your core muscles, your legs, back, and arms, will go a long way in preventing injury. Shovelling snow also taxes the heart. Go slowly. Rest between lifts of the shovel. Hydrate. And Take your time.
        And finally, happy holidays!

Lynn Daigneault is a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Older Adult Specialist, specializing in fitness for the active over-50 adult. She can be reached at