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Bo Peep Scarborough


The Bo-Peep Closes

Home of fond memories and hearty meals, “Bo-Peep was a place that has touched the lives of many in Scarborough”

By Tom Grinnell

            Many East Toronto residents will be sad to know that Kingston Road’s Bo-Peep restaurant has shut its doors. The restaurant had been in operation in East Toronto since 1921, and had operated for over 50 years at the current location near Kingston Road and Midland Avenue.
            The Bo-Peep was the home of many fond memories and many hearty meals. The restaurant featured large portions of both Canadian-style cooking and Greek food. Local favourites included the famous liver and onions, prime rib with mashed potatoes and gravy, the Bo’s Biggie burger, and the Greek souvlaki. And at one time, its Fanny’s Sports Bar next door hosted the best karaoke in the city.
           “It’s really sad; it was such a staple of the neighbourhood,” said Katie Groves, who was a well-liked server at the Bo-Peep for 8 years until 2007. “Every customer who came in had been coming in for years. They would bring their kids, and then their grandkids. Bo-Peep was a place that touched the lives of many in Scarborough.”
           Neighbourhoods change and gentrify, new foods and fast foods prevail. Unfortunately, the Bo-Peep just couldn’t survive in Toronto’s fast-paced and ever-evolving restaurant industry.
           An eviction notice from the bailiff is posted in the window, right next to a colourful stained-glass Bo-Peep, herding her sheep.