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Dance Your Way into Spring

Exercise is the key to a happy, fat-shedding season

By Lynn Daigneault

            The holiday season is long over. For those of you who lived through the power outage of December, it must have been a daunting period of time. Scarborough was particularly badly hit by the storm. I hope that you all got through it unscathed, and are happy now to have heat, warm food, and hot water. None of us will forget December 2013.
           For those of you who have emerged from the loss of hydro and for those of you who have emerged from weeks of overindulgence, we can now put the year behind us and look forward to the coming months and all that the new year can bring. Whether you are shedding stress or weight, exercise is the key to embarking on your new year of possibilities.
           So dance your way into the home stretch to spring. Five minutes in the morning, five minutes at midday, five minutes at the end of day, music with a beat and a tempo that fit your needs. Belt out the song and dance away.
           In the morning, these five minutes of aerobic activity will increase your energy, kickstart your metabolism, release endorphins, warm up your body, and banish the winter blahs that come from looking at another grey day. This indoor activity requires only a good pair of athletic shoes, some good music, and space to dance the blahs and the holiday stressors away. Not to mention, melting some of the excess body fat. In fact, just these five minutes of intense activity will help you burn calories and reduce your cravings. A
           t midday, five minutes of aerobic activity, wakes you up, gives you an extra boost, keeps you from reaching for the carbs, clears your mind, and increases your energy.
           At the end of day/after work (but not just before bedtime), five minutes of dancing will banish work day stress, increase your sense of well-being, and give you the energy to move into this last part of your day.
           All in all, this is just fifteen minutes of intense activity requiring virtually no equipment, which can be done anywhere. We can all find five minutes three times in a day. It’s good for your heart, your lungs, your mind, your spirit, and your body. Of course, always check with your doctor before embarking on a program of physical activity of any kind.
           Next time you find yourself reaching for the carbs, craving that muffin or donut, or just feeling sluggish, put on the music and dance!

Lynn Daigneault is a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Older Adult Specialist, specializing in fitness for the active over-50 adult. She can be reached at