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From the Editor

Support the Ontario Health Coalition’s Referendum on Privatizing Public Hospital Services

            Amidst all the political gamesmanship of our province, the government is quietly privatizing many hospital services. The plan is to institute private clinics offering services that are currently provided by public hospitals.
           This plan is moving ahead without debate in the Legislature; well out of sight of the general public.
           Speak up and tell the Wynne Government to stop privatization of health care. On page 15, we have reproduced the postcard that the Ontario Health Coalition is using to conduct a referendum on the privatization of hospital care.
           Please take a moment to print out the referendum ballot, complete it and send it to the OHC. Our public health care system is one of Canada’s most essential and successful programs; surely it is worth the effort to stop its gradual privatization.
           Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director for the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, returns to our pages to make the case against nuclear power. In particular, she argues very convincingly against the extension of the Pickering nuclear station’s service life. These plans are very costly and simply add to our enormous nuclear power bill.
           Pollster Marc Zwelling takes on the Toronto mayoral race; we could be facing another four years of Rob Ford’s misrule. On the other hand, we might end up with John Tory, a clever conservative to promote a rightwing program. If the vote for Olivia Chow is not successful, let’s hope that we end up with a conservative buffoon who will be held in check by council instead of a smart conservative, who could do some serious damage to the livability of our city.            Since our last issue, the Advocate has celebrated its first anniversary. A congenial group of staff and supporters had a good time listening to singer Melanie Peterson and bassist/guitarist Peter Collins. Our next event will take place in late June. Watch for the announcement in the May-June issue.