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Participating in the Model United Nations at U of T

Every student represents a country on a UN committee or delegation

By Grace Jin, Grade 10 Student, WA Porter CI, SATEC

            A couple of weeks ago, six members of the World Issues and Leadership Club, including me, were given the wonderful opportunity of participating in the University of Toronto’s Model United Nations (UTMUN). Over a period of three days, hundreds of students from all over Canada gathered at the University of Toronto’s St. George campus to participate in stimulating debate on current world issues.
           Every student was assigned a delegation and committee in which they were to represent a country. There were many committees, all focusing on different issues, ranging from international public health to the Roman senate’s dealing with the Third Servile War. I was part of a specialized committee called “ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Plus,” where we focused on humanitarian aid, counterterrorism, and the South China Sea dispute. We were given the task of creating resolutions to deal with these three pressing issues. We expressed opinions, disagreed, and got into many intense debates. Overall, it was a very interesting and enjoyable experience.
           Although the different countries we represented may not have the best relations, I made many new friendships throughout the time I was there, and I became more aware of international problems that the world faces. At the end of the three days, there was a closing ceremony in which awards and special recognition were given to individuals that had stood out in the committees. One of the students from SATEC, Alexander Glover, received a medal for being an outstanding delegate. Glover is also president of the UN Club at SATEC.
           Other than the committee meetings, there was a social event at which all the delegates from different committees had a chance to socialize and enjoy a night of music and fun. There was also a keynote speaker planned— Monte McMurchy, an advisor to the United Nations. Although he was scheduled to speak, he unfortunately could not make it due to inclement weather.
           The World Issues and Leadership club is not like any other club offered at SATEC. Members are challenged in a different sense by testing their knowledge and ability to take action by coming up with real solutions to world issues in the Model United Nations. Members of the World Issues and Leadership club will be able to showcase their knowledge and debating abilities once more at SOMA (South Ontario Model United Nations Assembly) in April, as well as the various other smaller Model United Nations events held throughout the year.