Bluffs Advocate

To the Editor

Tree Cutting Leaves Guild Park in a Sad State

By John P. Mason

            You may have heard about the extensive tree cutting that continues throughout Guild Park. It comes after years of Emerald Ash Borer devastation, plus the subsequent damage to the forest from this winter’s ice storm. The scale of tree cutting is large. Today, Guild Park is in a very sad state.
           In response to this crisis, the volunteer board members of the Friends of Guild Park have prepared a series of recommendations, which you’ll find below. Our aim is to give information and constructive proposals to turn today’s bad situation into a plan that brings long-term benefits to Guild Park.
           Our recommendations are based on best practices applied to major parks — especially those parks and public spaces that have faced, and recovered from, serious crises — natural and/or man-made.
           After you read this three-page report, you’ll be more aware about what can get done to revitalize this unique public space — where art meets nature. Friends of Guild Park thinks it’s time to bring “whole park” thinking and long-term action to Guild Park.
           The outlook isn’t as bleak as some may fear. Much depends on the willingness of all Guild Park supporters and stakeholders to collaborate on a long-term action plan.
           We’ve already sent this information to Ward 43 Councillor Paul Ainslie, who represents the Guildwood community and Guild Park at City Hall. We’re also sharing these recommendations with other officials, the media and community groups involved with Guild Park. All of us have a role in Guild Park’s future — from park users to owners.
           For updates, photos, and to read comments from other people, visit our Facebook page at We’re eager to hear from you so send your comments, further ideas and follow-up questions by email or as a Facebook posting.
Thank you.
John P. Mason, President, Friends of Guild Park & Gardens