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LimitlessCo's mission is to innovate and create

By Deep Pandya

LimitlessCo            LimitlessCo is a student-run, socially responsible business at SATEC @ W. A. Porter C.I. Its mission is to innovate and create accessories through which individuals can express their creativity and imagination. Members of the organization have a burning desire to achieve a flourishing global community by giving back to their own community through the profits of their business.

Deep Pandya and Aikeda Sayram, who are now the co-presidents of the business, founded LimitlessCo. The company started off small, with only seven active members but gradually expanded to 40 members in total, each working in different departments, including production, finance, and sales/marketing.

The primary objective was to sell a product that would help the local community, and so they chose pin-back buttons for their initial effort. The group is devoted to providing high-quality, custom-made pin-back buttons to consumers and in doing so, hope to inspire, engage, and empower all individuals through free speech, self-expression, and creativity.

With their first-ever product and less than a year of experience in running a business, LimitlessCo competed at the SAGE Canada national competition—hosted at Ryerson University—and won first place under the "Socially Responsible Business Category."

SAGE Canada's mission is to provide youth entrepreneurs with the opportunity to gain experience through hands-on learning, educational workshops, competition, and a network of students and industry leaders.

After winning nationals, LimitlessCo advanced to the international competition, held in South Korea, and represented Canada against 20 other participating countries.

LimitlessCo will continue running its business this year and hope to make even more of an impact in the community.

"The world of imagination has no boundaries." – LimitlessCo