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120-Volt Poo

Poo from the Zoo May Light Up Toronto Homes
ZooShare offering to make the Toronto Zoo home to biogas electricity

By Allan Baker

            Who could love poo from the zoo? ZooShare does. ZooShare is a community-based, renewable energy co-operative and it has plans to build a facility that will turn zoo poo into electricity.
On Thursday, October 10, 2013 ZooShare hosted its official public launch at the Toronto Zoo. Together with co-op members, distinguished guests from the Toronto Zoo, Bullfrog Power, and the adorable fuel suppliers from the zoo, ZooShare announced the availability of ZooShare’s Community Bonds.
        Paying seven per cent annually over seven years, the Community Bonds will be used to finance the construction of a 500-kilowatt biogas plant, to be built in 2014, at the Toronto Zoo. Everyone in our community now has an opportunity to play a role in contributing toward the growth of this co-operative, and the community-owned biogas sector.
        ZooShare has also partnered with Bullfrog Power to deliver biogas education programs to students and individuals around Ontario. “ZooShare is the kind of innovative green energy solution with the power to inspire that our Bullfrog Builds program was created to support. Through Bullfrog Builds, we’re helping the development of new renewable energy projects across Canada and showing people what’s possible in their communities,” said Ron Seftel, Senior Vice-President, Operations, Bullfrog Power.
        Poo from the zoo could soon be helping to provide electricity for our homes—from a renewable source—and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. That’s a step toward reducing our carbon footprint, and making a better world for our children and grandchildren.
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Allan Baker lives in Scarborough’s Guildwood neighbourhood, and is a member of the ZooShare Biogas Co-operative.