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School Formula 1

SATEC participates in the F1 in Schools Challenge

Teams from SATEC have represented Canada, most recently in Abu Dhabi in 2014

By Grace Jin, Grade 12 Student, Incoming Student Council President

Genesis            As a school that is specialized in technology, we are very fortunate to participate in a competition such as the F1 in Schools Challenge. This competition is geared towards giving students the opportunity to pursue their interest and knowledge in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Teams of six act as a real life Formula 1 team by designing and manufacturing a 1/20th model of an F1 car to race down a 20 metre track as well as marketing to sponsors to create a team brand and pit display.

In this international competition, teams from over 40 countries from all over the word compete to represent their schools and countries at the World Finals. World Finals take place in liaison with the real F1 and for 2015 will be taking place in Sentosa, Singapore in September. F1 in Schools has had a long history at SATEC; in previous years, teams from our school have represented Canada, most recently in Abu Dhai in 2014. This year we were fortunate enough to have two teams compete at the regional level in March; Team Obelisk and Genesis F1. Both teams had very different strengths and together merged under the name Genesis F1 to compete in the North American Nationals in May in Michigan.

The team had the third fastest time in North America with a time of 1.109 seconds. The team also won an award for having the best pit display. Although the team fell just short of qualifying, the team was offered to attend the World Finals as a collaboration with either Germany or The United States. Ultimately team members were offered to work with a qualifying Canadian team, Team Zephyros.

Genesis F1 participantsUnfortunately, this year due to different personal matters and conflicting timelines, the team decided against attending the World Finals. Instead, the team is taking it as an opportunity to prepare the incoming students who will be competing in 2016. As part of a mentorship, Genesis F1 will be passing on the extensive knowledge gained to ensure that the new team will have all the tools they need for success. F1 in Schools is a very demanding challenge as it requires the students to think outside the box and apply actual hands-on skills. It was a very rewarding competition in which to participate as it allowed the students to gain many skills as well as form long-lasting bonds with fellow team members.